Omir was the Snake-Charmer in Fritz Tiboldt's Circus in the 1940s. When the group was hired by the Nazi party to tour the United States and eliminate key military officials, Omir was loyal to the cause. He was instrumental in the murder of Commissioner Newsome, using his trained cobra to lethally bite the commissioner. Captain America and Bucky ultimately took down the circus following the murder of Newsome.[1]

Omir's subsequent fate remains unrevealed, however, as Fritz Tibolt would return to Germany and resume his circus, it is possible that Omir resumed working for Tibolt. As such, it is noteworthy to mention that Tibolt would later be murdered by Nazi's who evaded capture in retribution of his failure,[2] it is unknown if Omir had met the same fate.


Omir is an expert snake charmer


Omir uses a flute as part of his snake charming in order to command his cobra.


Omir has a poisonous cobra that obeys his musical commands.

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