The Omni-missile was a four-piece weapon system (missile, payload, launcher, control system) developed by Victor von Doom. The possible payloads includedhigh explosive, incendiary, knock-out gas, shrapnel, smoke or tear gas, with different strength. They could attack air- and ground-based enemies, and a given missile was never bigger than 10' length and 3' diameter, although some of them were smaller.[1]

The missiles had an energy-tracking system that pursued one or several of the different energy types at once: Energy, heat, light, motion, plasma, radiation and/or radio waves, to prevent a target from fooling it. Maneuvarable flying targets could attempt to dodge the missile.[1]

Doom protected almost all his many worldwide headquarters with these weapons against heavily-armed enemies. His Latverian castle had twenty missiles (with different payloads) protecting it; his Latverian Embassy in New York City had a hidden silo under its rear courtyard,[1] and his New York State Castle was also fitted with missiles.[2]

At one point, when the Fantastic Four entered Latveria uninvited, Doom's first defense line was a Tractor Beam - but Fantastic Four leader Mr. Fantastic knew of Doom's defenses and had prepared the Fantasti-car to overcome the Beam. Latveria then shoot two Omni-Missiles. Mr. Fantastic's counter-measures destroyed one missile; and the Thing manually intercepted the other, throwing it to the floor so that it could explode harmlessly. The Four then went to fight Doom's other defenses.[3]

When Doom had just killed his clone and went to the United States to take over the world, chased by the Fantastic Four in a Pogo Plane, Doom ordered to shoot Omni-Missiles at the Plane. The Human Torch separated from his partners, flying solo and becoming a more appetizing target for the missiles (more heat, more energy, etc.) The Torch went nova, exhausting his powers in a single burst to destroy the missiles before they could hurt him.[2]

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