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Omnipotence City is a parliament of pantheons built twelve,[1] or four billion years ago,[2] after the First Great War of the Gods. It is said to have been constructed by the Lords of the Dawn, the first elder gods,[2] or their begetters,[3] as a place of divine fellowship and governance, and as a nexus of all gods.[2][3] It was built with trimmings from the clay of Creation, and fired with embers that lit the First Sun.[3]

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In the distant future timeline of Earth-14412, Omnipotence City was left derelict and abandoned, falling into ruin; its only living inhabitant Shadrak, who had inherited the position of Lord Librarian. This iteration of Omnipotence City was destroyed when Shadrak sacrificed himself to save the Goddesses of Thunder from King Loki's Necro-Ravens.[4]

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Thor: God of Thunder #3 states that the city was built twelve billion years ago, while Mighty Thor (Vol. 3) #12 changed it to four billion years ago.

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