On Battleworld, Reed Richards and James Rhodes used several alien materials for temporary modifications to the Iron Man Armor after damage to the armor in battle.[1]

Upon his return to Earth, the parts seemed to be non-functional. Rhodes removed them, leaving them in snow bank in New York.[2]

The parts combined into a creature calling itself the Omnivore. It headed to the nearby Project Pegasus seeking food. It destroyed and ate the security forces. Blue Shield's force field protected him from the creature, but he was effectively trapped in it to avoid the creature's fluid.[3]

Quasar arrived and confronted the Omnivore. He found quantum energy was ineffective against it. Thinking of a plan, he lured it into the project's Magma tap. Once the heat became too much, he returned to the surface and closed the tap. It is unknown if the Omnivore was destroyed.[3]


  • Dissolving fluid which breaks almost anything down for it to consume.
  • Growth and increased power as it absorbs.
  • Able to repair itself, and command severed limbs.

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