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Omphalos or the "Navel of the Axis Mundi" was a powerful mystical object created in ancient Atlantis. It allows the wielder to shift the Axis Mundi the centre of cosmic axis in their favor rewriting reality in the process.


Great Cataclysm

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In 18,000 BC, a group of sorcerers in Atlantis tried to harness the power of Omphalosthe "naval of the axis" to control the turning of the Axis to make themselves the center of the world forever. This caused Atlas tremendous pain. The powerful energies wielded through the Omphalos caused the Great Cataclysm sinking Atlantis beneath the ocean.[1]

Modern Age

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The Queen of the Amazons; Artume hoped to use the Omphalos to manipulate the Axis Mundi bringing the world under the control of the Amazons. After inciting a ritualistic dialect to relive the Atlas burden of holding up the heavens and setting him upon Hercules as a distraction. Namora assisted in the fight as the heroes battled the vengeful titan he grabbed the Washington Monument and used it as a club. Hercules entered the Smithsonian Institution and began throwing aircraft and the vengeful Titan. However Hercules was able to knock Atlas out crashing to the ground. During the hustle and bustle of reality shifts between the various hands who possessed the universe altering item in question, Artume sneaked in a cheap shot against its last handler before completing the chanting rite which enabled her to take the reigns of reality into her hands.[2] This short lived world where Amazonia reigned supreme was returned to normal and Atlas was returned to his punishment.[3]

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