One-Eye was a Neanderthal member of the Oogla Tribe. He claimed to have lost his left eye strangling a sabre-tooth tiger to death. He was kidnapped along with Cole and Gort and experimented on by the Deviant, Taras Vol. After the Great Cataclysm, Gort and One-Eye stayed together over the centuries and not meeting Cole again until recent years. One-Eye and Gort later stole Cole's most valued possession and dared him to come and take it. Cole teamed up with the mutant hero Cable, they faced One-Eye and Gort. The heroes defeated them, reclaiming his daughter's toy doll. [1]


One-Eye has prolonged lifespan, which has allowed him to live for over 30,000 years. By Cole's estimation, they have aged 20 years since the Deviant experiments, and will possibly live another 50,000 years. He also possesses superhuman strength.


Various skills picked over the centuries

Strength level

Enhanced human strength


Only has one eye

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