Quote1.png Theft and villainy indeed... The Minoru line runs red with blood. I think you know who I am, Nico Minoru. I think you've felt me... and heard me. I think you've done your best to ignore me. But I will not be ignored. Quote2.png
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The One is a powerful magical entity who was transmuted into the Staff of One and forced to serve the Minoru family.


Long ago, the One was a powerful warlord sorcerer with an army of thralls to do his bidding and act as blood sacrifices to fuel his magic. Two to three hundred years ago, the One lost a battle to Tokiko Minoru and her thrall army. After his defeat, Tokiko offered him a choice: "die by her sword or live as her sword." Using her magic, Tokiko transformed the One into the Staff of One, twisting and binding his magic to serve her and her female descendants. However, the One was powerful enough to insist on some terms of this own. One boon granted to the One was granting him a few hours to plead his case and win his freedom every time Mars aligns with the Earth and the Sun.[1]

The Staff of One was passed down through the female descendants of the Minorus. Eventually, Tina Minoru received the Staff of One from Judy Minoru, who gave her the traditional speech about the rules and conditions of using the Staff.[1]

During her time with the Staff of One, Tina Minoru would escort the temporarily freed One to a pancake diner in Anaheim followed by a long walk on the beach before returning him to the Staff.[1]

The celestial alignment to temporarily free the One has only occurred twice since Nico Minoru took the Staff of One from her mother. During the first, Nico slept through his entire visit, but the One created a flesh and blood arm to replace the arm Nico lost battling Apex.[2][1] During the second, Nico nearly freed the One, but instead renegotiated the One's contract; now, instead of exchanging blood for magic, every spell will allow one drop of the One into Nico, allowing him to hear the outside world and have a small voice.[1]

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The One is an immensely powerful sorcerer. He is the source of the magic inside the Staff of One. His magic appears to require a sacrifice to work, but even without a sacrifice or apparent incantation, the One is capable of:

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