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Leader of the enigmatic group the Celestials, The One Above All is rarely encountered. The entity was once visited aboard the Celestial mothership by two American astronauts, three Deviants, and the Eternal known as the Forgotten One.[1] The entity rescued the Forgotten One when he was injured defusing a Deviant nuclear bomb and then dispatched him to Olympia to advise all Eternals and gods not to interfere in Celestial judgment.[2]

The One Above All later teleported the Thunder God Thor and the Forgotten One aboard the mothership, and showed Thor an image of Odin bowing before fellow Celestial Arishem. The One Above All then teleported Thor back to Earth.[3]

The entity then repulses the attack of the Eternal entity the Uni-Mind and watched from the mothership when it and the now 2,000-foot (610 m) tall Asgardian Destroyer occupied by Odin confronted the combined Fourth Host.[4]

Rebirth of the Fifth Host.

When the abstract entities Lord Chaos and Master Order fused together into Logos to install themselves as the new embodiment of multiversal law,[5] they annihilated the Celestials. The Queen of Nevers managed to whisk the One Above All to safety within the Land of Couldn't-Be Shouldn't-Be.[6] During the final fight against the evil First Firmament who had been pulling the strings behind Logos, the Queen of Nevers used the One Above All to kickstart the rebirth of the Celestials.[7]



Cosmic energy control with an unknown upper limit. Armour able to withstand strikes from nuclear warheads. The One Above All can bend space and time to his whims and can create miniature black holes.[8] The One Above All can telekinetically move planets and hurl them at opponents in battle.[9]


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