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Quote1.png I howl through many mouths. I break with many hands. They are themselves, but they are also me. I have all the power you give me and my weapon is hate. Quote2.png
One Below All[src]

The One Below All is the dark side and a part of the same being that is the One-Above-All, who is the supreme ruler of the Multiverse and the ultimate embodiment of creation and compassion,[4] which would make the One Below All the ultimate personification of destruction and hate.[5][6] It resides in the lowest point of reality, called the Below-Place, from which it rules. Sealed off from the rest of the Multiverse through the metaphysical Green Doors, it manifests in other realities through the mutagenic third form of Gamma Radiation. When Bruce Banner fell victim to the Gamma Bomb, he opened a Green Door and was indwelled with the One Below All's power, becoming the Hulk.[7][8] In an alternate future, it would succeed in taking over Bruce Banner's body, eliminating his consciousness and those of the Hulks, and use his power to devour Metatron, ascending in the Ninth Cosmos and proceeding to achieve its ultimate goal, to eradicate all life in the Multiverse.[3][9]



A malevolent entity that resides in the Below-Place - the deepest layer of Hell, the One Below All is an aspect of the One Above All that serves as the One Above All's dark counterpart.[6] The Below-Place is the source of the mutagenic third form of gamma energy, an emanation of the One-Below All, and is thereby capable of using gamma mutates to manifest. As the One Below All is the other face or dark side of the One Above All, the One Below All has existed before the any version of the multiverse or even existence itself. [10] As the dark alter-ego of The One Above All, The One Below All is a creature without a mind of its own, possessing only terrible desires. The ultimate goal of the One Below All is to destroy everything in the Multiverse, and to become the one remaining presence in it,[8] so that the One Above All can begin the cycle of creation anew.[6]

Immortal Hulk

During his research into the properties of gamma radiation, Brian Banner had a dream-vision of the One Below All, and sensed the creature looking for him. This experience prompted him to put all of his research to a halt.[7] When Brian's son Bruce investigated gamma radiation on his own, he developed a powerful Gamma Bomb. The bomb's explosion opened the first Green Door, a metaphysical barrier into the Below-Place, and infused him with gamma radiation, turning him into the Hulk.[7]

Years later, when Bruce killed Brian during the Chaos War,[11] his soul was plunged into the Below-Place.[7] Since the One Below All couldn't directly influence the real world and needed a personality to work through, it started using Brian's soul as its vessel. Through a Green Door, Brian possessed the gamma mutate Jailbait, causing her powers to go out of control. Her boyfriend, Hotshot, then was forced to tie her to a chair, due to her power growing out of control. He went to a church during Sunday services and held the congregation hostage in order to force the priest to perform last rites on Jailbait. He was ranting that Jailbait was possessed by the devil and that he saw a green door.[2]

When Sasquatch was killed in a bar fight, Brian possessed him next and sent him on a feral rampage.[12] The Hulk intervened and drained Walter's gamma power to stop him, which inadvertedly passed Brian's possession onto him.[13] The One Below All had Brian nudge the Hulk into travelling to the Los Diablos Military Base, the place where the gamma bomb had detonated. The Hulk saw through the One Below All's plan, but when Absorbing Man intercepted him, he drained the Hulk's gamma energy, transferring the possession to himself.[14] After a brief battle with a now-emaciated Hulk, Gamma Flight arrived and Absorbing Man's possessed corpse used the distraction to flee towards the area where the original gamma bomb had been detonated, absorbing all the ambient gamma energy in the area. Successful, the One Below All opened a Green Door and plunged everybody on the scene into the Below-Place.[15]

One Below All's true form

When the Hulk arrived at the Below-Place, he was split from Bruce Banner,[16] whom Brian took captive with the intention to make him the new vessel for the One Below All and bring the Earth to Below-Place.[7] While making his way through the Below-Place, the Hulk was confronted by manifestations of Rick Jones and Thaddeus Ross, enraging him to the point where his Savage Hulk personality briefly emerged.[16] When the sun rose, the One Below All was able to appear in an ominous cloud-like form and was soon ready to take control of Bruce's body.[7]

The One Below All summoned a horde of demons whom the Hulk confronted along with the Rick Jones manifestation. In the meantime, Gamma Flight member Puck had managed to convince the Absorbing Man to set things right, and they approached Brian in the fountain of gamma energy where he was holding Bruce. The Absorbing Man soaked up the gamma energy and transferred it into the Hulk, allowing him to regain his strength just as he was being overwhelmed by the demons. Hulk then unleashed a thunderclap that dispersed the One Below All. With his power regained, the Hulk merged back with Bruce and closed the Green Door, sending everybody on the scene back to Earth.[5]


In the far future, the One Below All managed to destroy the soul of Bruce Banner and possessed the body of the Hulk. It then went on to kill the likes of Franklin Richards, Galactus, Mister Immortal, and many others, thus becoming the only being left in the universe. When the Sentience of the Eighth Cosmos came to greet what he thought was Bruce Banner, he soon discovered that that it was an elaborate trick and the One Below All-possessed Hulk then quickly devoured the being and absorbed its power.[3][17]

In the newly formed Ninth Cosmos, the One Below All used the power of the recently devoured Metatron to transform the possessed Hulk into a Galactus-like being named the "Breaker of Worlds." Ten billion years later, the Breaker of Worlds destroyed all life, light, and planets in the cosmos, effectively rending it dead. When the alien, Par%l, tried to make contact with the Breaker of Worlds to attempt to reason with it, the alien instead met the abstract form of the One Below All which told hir it wanted to "Make all hollow as I, dark and dead as I" and killed Par%l. Destroying all life in the Multiverse, he finally achieved his ultimate goal.

In the present, the gamma-mutated villain Leader became aware of the One Below All's ultimate victory though a warning sent back in time by Par%l.[10] Having been investigating the Below-Place and the Green Door, the Leader set out to help bring this dire future into being.[18] Sterns managed to open a Green Door and assimilate Brian's soul into himself, obtaining his connection with the One Below All. With it and the ability to possess and manipulate gamma mutates, the Leader embarked on a plan to fulfill the One Below All's goal to break Bruce Banner.[8]

One Below All possessing Leader.

Leader managed to enter Banner's mindscape and force Banner and the remains of the Devil Hulk persona into the Below-Place. He hooked them up to strange, plant-like structures[8] so they could act as a device to channel gamma energy into the One Below All. However, Leader couldn't get the device to work, even though Brian Banner could. Then Leader learned the truth from Brian Banner's spirit: Brian could do it because he was possessed by the One Below All, something Leader didn't want. After that, the One Below All possessed the Leader, much to his horror.[19]

The Leader proceeded to assimilate Bruce Banner and the Devil Hulk's corpse into himself, enlarging and achiving the One Below All's complete form. After the Hulk and Joe Fixit arrived at the Below Place, the One Below All tried to assimilate them as well. Luckly, in the real world, they were empowered by the Power Cosmic, Joe transforming into a Red Hulk, and escaped.[20] Determined to bring Bruce Banner back to the earthly plane, Joe Fixit, now the dominant personality of the Hulks, contacted the Fantastic Four to enter the Below Place through the Forever Gate along with Jackie McGee. Arriving, Joe and the Savage Hulk splitted into different beings.

Encountering the Leader protected by a fortress himself built, the Hulks procedded to rip out a depowered Leader from inside of the One Below All. Similar to when Job asked God the reason of his suffering, the Savage Hulk demanded to know why he is the way he is. Figuring out the entity is nothing more then another entity's "Hulk", Joe demanded the One Below All to show its true face. Manifesting, the One-Above-All enigmatically answered the Hulks and other Gamma Mutates, much like the One Below All itself, serves the purpuse to be the counterweight to their creations, hence the Multivese would inevitably renew itself through its cycle of death and rebirth, and that, while the Hulk serves such purpose, he chose to be the way he is, having never really been merciful or practicing forgiveness, and asked the Hulk if he would be Geburah or Golachab before leaving and allowing them to escape along with Bruce Banner and the Leader.[6]


Quote1.png I am the One Below All. With these hands I break. With this mouth I howl. I devoured the selves that were here in a time long past. Now there is I. And only I. I am all-powerful. And my weapon is hate. I have made of this a thing of hate. A hollow shell. A Hulk. The mystery frightens and disgusts me. I will kill it. Make all hollow as I. Dead and dark as I. And I will be alone. Quote2.png
--Breaker-Apart (One Below All)[src]

Being a manifestation of the One-Above-All, the One Below All doesn't possesses a mind of its own, only the desire to become the sole remaining presence in the Multiverse.[6] Serving as the counterweight of the One-Above-All, who is the supreme manifestation of love and good, it is the ultimate personification of hatred and every form of evil there is, making it the most maleficent entity in existence. Its power depends of hate, and its ultimate goal is to destroy everything in existence, as per its own nature, it cannot truly create anything, only destroy.[7][10]

Powers and Abilities


Quote1.png You bear my mark. You are one of my children. I turn my face towards you. Quote2.png
--One Below All[src]

The One Below All is the source of the mutagenic form of Gamma energy that creates Gamma Mutates while being the cause of how Gamma energy can seemingly do almost anything and break the rules of science and nature. This also means that either directly or indirectly all Gamma Mutates are The One Below All's creations,[3] and is able to possess Gamma Mutates; though it can only indwell one host at a time to directly influence people and the living world. While needing a host to directly affect the material world, It can subtly influence people and events in physical reality where and when its strongest. As the alter-ego of the One Above All, it's power is unrivaled and limitless though it is limited by its nature as the embodiment of destruction and unmaking. It can push people when they're consumed by the more negative aspects of the psyche (like making two angry bar patrons attack each other and then stab Langowski despite almost no serious buildup causing Jackie McGee to note it seeming random). Puck mentioned that it had been stroking minds and moving things around to suit its plans. It was also able to reach Brian Banner before Gamma Mutates even existed when he was able to see a Green Door and catch a glimpse of the One Below All suggesting that it might have been manipulating the events of the lives of Brian and Bruce Banner so that it would have a way of freeing itself from the Below Place years later.[7] It has also been shown seemingly being able to increase its power with the anger and sorrow of others as when Hulk was thrown in a savage rage and Jackie McGee seeing her deceased father.[5] This alludes to its phrase "I have all of the power you give me," meaning that the worse state a person is in, the more power and control it has. Additionally, it has stated that "I howls through many mouths, break with many hands" which means that, like the One-Above-All, it exists within every being and sees from their perspective though it cannot control them directly, only influence them. Even when restricted by the Green Door, the One Below All's power greatly eclipses that of other demonic entities such as Mephisto.[21]

The One-Below-All can spawn entities called Qlippoth, which take on the appearance of peoples' loved ones and enemies in order to torment them, and can also regurgitate hordes of demonic monsters.[5]

The One Below All can also manipulate, to an extent, the body of the vessel and give it supernatural abilities to those it possesses. When Brian Banner took possession of Crusher Creel he was able to tear open his upper body.[15] These abilities were able to be "passed down" to the Leader when he tricked Brian and consumed his essence. With his newfound connection to the One Below All, the being granted the Leader the ability to mimic the appearance of anyone he chooses (like wearing masks, on a stage) including the Green Scar and a hideous insectoid form.[8]


Beyond any known system of abilities. He can also warp reality.

Physical Strength

Beyond any known system of strength.


Mindlessness: The One Below All on its own is practically mindless and acts little more than a beast, acting to the One Above All in a similar fashion as the Hulk does to Bruce Banner. It has enough knowledge and intelligence to communicate and perceive the universe and beings within it but according to Brian Banner it "doesn't have a true mind. Only dark and terrible impulses". To not only interact with but also understand and plan, it needs a host with a mind to help direct itself. As it is also the dark alter-ego of the One Above All, it's nature is to be destructive and therefore, it is incapable of creating things only altering them or destroying them. Its primary purpose is also to destroy each multiverse and wipe the slate clean so that it may rebuild existence as its light alter-ego, the One Above All, which means it is kept locked away until the One Below All is ready to bring the end to each multiverse.[6]



Green Door


  • When Doctor Strange requested Mephisto remove the One Below All from the Hulk after a brief Defenders team-up, the Hell-Lord remarked that he was unable to do so because it was "far stronger than" him.[21]
  • Bruce Banner theorized that the Symbiote god Knull, similar to Tanaraq,[12] was merely an aspect of the One Below All or a creature it somehow controls.[1] Knull is himself seemingly inspired in a few ways by the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • While there have been many beings that embody destruction and entropy, the One Below All is fundamentally different as it embodies un-making things and intentionally destroying them. It is not a natural part of the multiverse but outside of everything and a dark reflection of existence. It is the action of willfully and intentionally bringing destruction. This is referenced in Immortal Hulk #12 with the description of the destroyer deity Angra Mainyu who could perform good works but chooses not to and freely chooses evil and destruction instead.
  • The One Below All cannot create or make anything as creation is against its fundamental nature. It and its power are only capable of altering or destroying. No matter what intentions or desires a being using its power (in the form of Gamma Radiation) it can ultimately never be used for anything good or beneficial. This has been indirectly proven from all the horrors created by Gamma power over history and confirmed in Immortal Hulk: Time of Monsters #1 with Tammuz realizing, after becoming a gamma mutate and resurrecting, that the One Below All's power is not meant for building.

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