One Hundred Champions
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Official Name
One Hundred Champions
The One Hundred,[1] One Hundred Swords,[2] The White Sword's Champions[2]
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One hundred champions sent to Amenth to defend mutantkind and Okkara
Base of Operations
Place of Formation
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Quote1.png One hundred of our greatest champions took the war to the enemy...One hundred champions and their champion--the White Sword. Quote2.png

The One Hundred Champions were a group of Okkaran warriors sent to Amenth under the command of the White Sword.[3]


When the Twilight Sword tore Okkara and flooded the land with Amenthi daemons, thousands of mutants perished. To change the tide of war, the One Hundred Champions were sent through the dimensional rift into Amenth.[1]

In Amenth, the White Sword and his One Hundred Champions slaughter and crucified many daemons. The team established their headquarters in the Ivory Spire, and for thousands of year the One Hundred Champions would fight the daemons of Amenth to the death only to be resurrected by the White Sword each morning and battle again.[4]

Eventually, the White Sword and his One Hundred Champions were found by Genesis and her Arakkii mutants, but the thousands of year they spent apart engaged in the continuous cycle of battle, death, and resurrection had alienated the two groups. Genesis and her mutants were badly beaten by the White Sword and his One Hundred Champions.[4][5]

During Saturnyne's contest of champions, the White Sword was set to face off against Gorgon in a sword fight. However, before facing him, the White Sword sent in his One Hundred Swords. After killing 13 of his warriors, the White Sword finished of Gorgon and threaten to resurrect him as a new edition to his One Hundred Champions.[2]



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