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This ship was the Command Vessel of the Ongulian Defense Fleet.

When Id, the Selfish Moon came and destroy Ongulia, his home-planet, the Commander Kak and his men thought they were done with life, facing the impact of the planet explosion. However, they were safe, as Id sniffed the planet dust.

The Ongulians then swore to avenge their civilization, now represented by their only ship and crew.

The Command Vessel was used to follow Id and observed it, and was used for Ongulians' operations.

During the time the Ongulians hired the mercenary Deadpool, he use the ship to move the Urrulians from their planet to an unnamed glacial planet, and then leave both Urrulians and Ongulians there, using the ship to made Id track him to U-235, a planet who was eventually destroyed with the ship and Id himself.

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