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Ongulians from Deadpool Vol 4 33 0002

Skeletic structure of Ongulians

The Ongulians are aliens originated from the planet Ongulia.

At some point, Id, the Selfish Moon came and blew up the planet, killing presumably all the Ongulians, with the exception of the crew of the Command Ship of the Ongulian Defense Fleet, led by the Commander Kak who swore revenge on Id.

The remains of the Ongulians were travelling through the space, looking for allies, information on Id. At some point, they contacted Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery to hire them to destroy Id but the boss' brother in-law Macho Gomez refused. Later, the boss, Funtzel, and Obb, his employee and would-be brother-in-law, call them back, wanting to kill Deadpool, their new and dangerous employee in the process.

Deadpool managed to kill Id, without killing an entire planet's population (the Urrulians), and Kak thanks him for this point, even if Deadpool was still upset for his heroic and successful actions to don't make him a hero on Earth. Kak then left.

The currents whereabouts of the remaining Ongulians are unknown.



Mobile aboard the Command Ship of the Ongulian Defense Fleet, formerly Ongulia; Milky Way


Artificial Ongulian gravity


Artificial Ongulian atmosphere


Because of the destruction of their home-planet, Ongulia, the Ongulian population is reduce to a few number of soldiers, including the Commander Kak. No female individuals were seen among the soldiers.


Type of Government

The remaining Ongulians are commanded by the Commander Kak.

Level of Technology

The Ongulians seems to have mastered the space flight and the nuclear fission weaponry.

Cultural Traits

  • The women were gathered into spawning group, and the individuals seems to have adopted marriage and engagement traditions.
  • The Ongulians also have adopted a social-network, Spacebook.[1]


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