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Onome is a child prodigy and daughter of one of Wakanda's greatest engineers. Like her father, she was blessed with an intuitive mind.[1]

She met Valeria Richards and the Future Foundation on their trip to Africa, where she and Valeria both agreed she should return with them to New York City and join the team.[1]

After the destruction and subsequent return of the Universe, Onome joined the Future Foundation in their journey to restore the Multiverse, while also creating entirely new realities.[2] She spent over half a decade away[3] before finally returning home and reuniting with her father, to whom only a year had passed.[4]


  • Onome's official assigned number in the Future Foundation is 17,[5] but, like most members, she'd often wear other numbers to confuse Scott Lang when he was in charge of the team.[6]
  • Shuri was Onome's idol.[7]

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