Oog was a member of an alien race that called themselves Martians and lived on the planet Mars. Oog was their leader and warlord and was bold enough to call himself "Master of the Universe". Their race did not have the capability for interplanetary flight but observed and plotted to invade the planet Earth. They got their wish in 1949 when earthen scientist Professor Kulto invented a device that was able to pull the planet Mars closer to Earth, close enough for Oog to lead an invasion fleet to Earth.

Oog led an invasion of Earth, causing massive destruction and death, as the Earth’s leaders scrambled to try and fight off the invasion. Also involved in the battle were Captain America and Golden Girl. Captain America attempted to board Oog's ship but was knocked out by a gas gun. When he revived, Oog demanded that Captain America bring him to the leaders of the world and demand their surrender. Instead, Cap brought Oog back to Professor Kluto's lab where he tricked the alien into believing that Kluto's device was a communicator. Cap then used the device to send Mars back to its original location. Oog then attacked, but was felled by a single punch that also destroyed Kluto's device as well and apparently killed Oog.

The remaining Martians on Earth soon realized their world was out of reach, and facing starvation they opted to retreat to die among the stars.[1]


Like all members of his race Oog could not eat or metabolize food that came from Earth.


Oog travelled in a space ship that could travel short distances in space or on a planet. It was incapable of regular interplanetary travel.


Oog carried a ray gun rife and a pistol that emitted a short acting knock out gas.

Oog's claim that they were Martians are questionable at best considering the number of alien creatures who have claimed to come from the red planet. It is more likely that he and his race came to Mars and built a colony there, hence explaining his "Master of the Universe" comment, suggesting perhaps he they were once a mighty force in the universe. Perhaps they were even exiled to Mars, explaining their inability to build ships capable of at least interplanetary travel. However, all these points are speculative at best.

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