A member Immortus's of the Legion of Unliving, Oort claimed to be a future enemy of Quicksilver's. Oort, along with the rest of the Legion, was defeated by the Avengers.[1]

During the Destiny War, a future version of Songbird mentioned her version of the Avengers having recently encountered Oort. She said that he was accompanied by a group called the "Solar Squadron", but no other information was given[2].


Super-speed; Ability to fire plasma bursts

  • Oort was supposedly a future foe of Quicksilver's, but he hasn't been seen past his initial appearance. Whether he just hasn't appeared yet, hasn't been seen fighting Quicksilver, or is from an alternate future remains to be seen.
  • Mention of Oort by the future Songbird may indicate that he is originally from Earth-98120.
  • Oort is probably named after the Oort cloud, a theoretical cloud of predominantly icy objects believed to surround the Sun. The cloud was named for Dutch astronomer Jan Oort, who originated the idea.

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