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Opal Luna Saturnyne is the manipulative, deceitful Omniversal Majestrix of the Dimensional Development Court, responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Omniverse, an infinity of parallel universes.[1]

Originally subordinate to Roma, the Omniversal Guardian, Saturnyne eventually supplanted Roma and took that position for herself, though she continues to style herself as Majestrix.

Saturnyne of Earth-9 should not be confused with her counterparts from alternate realities, such as banker Courtney Ross of Earth-616, Captain Avalon's lost love,[3] or the nefarious Sat-Yr-9 of Earth-794.[4] Some of her other counterparts include Sa'tneen, Satyr-nun, Anjulie, and the Queen Mother.[5][6]


Early Life

Saturnyne originally hailed from Earth-9, one in a myriad of alternative universes. She hailed from her world's version of Britain, but beyond that not much is revealed about her early life.[7] When swearing, she referenced the Zoroastrian deity Mithras, implying this religion was dominant on her world.[8]

Omniversal Majestrix

Opal Luna Saturnyne (Earth-9) from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol 1 9 0001.jpg

As a highly intelligent and ambitious woman she ended up on Otherworld as the Omniversal Majestrix, a function where she was part of the Dimensional Development Court, oversaw the Captain Britain Corps and was charged with the safekeeping of the entire Omniverse. She only had to report to Merlyn, the Omniversal Guardian. In order to preserve the Omniverse, Saturnyne had no moral problems with sacrificing anybody, even an entire universe. Whenever she decided to take a more personal interest in a matter, she could call upon the Avant Guard, her personal elite. The Avant Guard appeared to be normal men, dressed in business suits and each carrying an umbrella, but these umbrellas were in fact highly advanced weapons, capable of various abilities such as inter-dimensional travel, destructive blasts and rays capable of devolving opponents. She was assisted by Dimples, an overweight man who loved Saturnyne deeply. Saturnyne herself cared little for Dimples and saw him only as a useful servant.[9]

Captain Britain

Saturnyne first came into contact with Captain Britain, a warrior from Earth-616, when they met on Earth-238, also known as the Crooked World. This Earth was deemed to be a threat to the Omniverse and Saturnyne convinced Captain Britain to help evolve the backwards planet, hoping to eliminate its threat. They were opposed by the Status Crew, a group charged with maintaining the status quo. Saturnyne and Captain Britain cooperated and managed to evolve the world, but were surprised to see a bigger threat take its place: that reality's Mad Jim Jaspers used his powers to create the Jaspers' Warp, causing widespread insanity and the collapse of reality. Captain Britain and Saturnyne wanted to stop him, but were prevented by the Fury, a killer machine. Saturnyne fled with her Avant Guard, leaving a heartbroken Dimples and Captain Britain behind. Dimples was killed by the Fury seconds later.[10]

Jaspers Warp

The Dimensional Development Court was not pleased with what they perceived as Saturnyne's failure. She was arrested and replaced by a man called Mandragon, who destroyed the Earth-238 universe to prevent the Jaspers Warp from spreading. Merlyn had saved Captain Britain though and the Fury managed to survive and escape under his own power. Captain Britain and the inter-dimensional mercenaries known as the Special Executive helped Saturnyne escape from the Court to Earth-616. On Earth-616, Mad Jim Jaspers, an even more powerful version than the one on Earth-238, came into power and threatened the world. Meanwhile the Fury also made its way to Earth-616 and came to battle with Jaspers. During the conflict, Merlyn seemingly died (though later he would reveal that he had just faked his death). In the end the Fury killed Jaspers and was killed shortly afterwards by Captain Britain and Captain UK from Earth-238 with help from Saturnyne and the Special Executive. Saturnyne managed to obtain cell samples of Jaspers though and threatened to unleash a clone on Mandragon's world if he didn't return her former position to her. Merlyn's daughter Roma succeeded her father.[11][12]


Opal Luna Saturnyne (Earth-9) from Excalibur Vol 1 24 0001.jpg

Despite having cooperated with Captain Britain at various times, her duty would come first and she came into conflict with Captain Britain when she sent the bounty-hunters known as the Technet after Rachel Summers. The Technet failed to capture her and Phoenix joined Captain Britain, Shadowcat, Meggan, and Nightcrawler to form Excalibur.[13] Later events would reveal that Saturnyne was acting under Roma's orders at this time and that the Technet was meant to fail, resulting in the formation of Excalibur.[14] She along with the rest of the Corps attended Captain Britain's wedding to Meggan.[15]


Saturnyne was also summoned by Roma when the being Abraxas tried to destroy all creation.[16] While Roma was killed, Saturnyne used some sort of power to protect Franklin and Valeria Richards.[17]


Saturnyne remained Roma's servant and Omniversal Majestrix for several years until the villain Mastermind decimated the Captain Britain Corps and imprisoned Roma. Captain Britain managed to defeat Mastermind and Roma named Captain Britain, now more powerful than ever before, the new ruler of Otherworld. Saturnyne returned as Omniversal Majestrix, but had a bitter relationship with Brian, whom she deemed unworthy of his new position.[18]

Return of Mad Jim Jaspers

Mad Jim Jaspers returned and threatened the Citadel and the Corps. She used a powerful energy weapon to disintegrate him but he was able to pull his molecules back together. He was about to kill her but the Exiles arrived allowing her enough time to escape.[19]

High Evolutionary

... [20]

Battle of Otherworld

... [21]


Opal Luna Saturnyne (Earth-9) from Free Comic Book Day 2020 (X-Men Dark Ages) Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Saturnyne and Lady Roma were the first to deal with the Incursions that were destroying multiple realities. Spider-UK came to discuss the threat of the Inheritors who was hunting down the Spider-Heroes across reality. Saturnyne ignored his pleas but Roma provided him a talisman that would allow him to travel across Web of Life and Destiny in order save the others.[22] She was unable to ignore the growing threats as many of the members of the Captain Britain Corps was being wiped out. She was able capture a Map Maker and tried to use it to find out the cause of the incursions. However her plan fell apart when the Map Maker summoned an army of robots which wiped out Saturnyne, Roma and the Corps. Her last act is to place the secrets of the Citadel into Captain Britain's brain so he could warn the Illuminati of Earth-616.[23]

Omniversal Guardian

Saturnyne, now alive once again,[24] has become the "White Witch" taking rule over the Starlight Citadel becoming the Omniversal Guardian.[25] She was, however, forced to deal with a new threat, Apocalypse of the Witchbreed.[26]

X of Swords

Opal Luna Saturnyne (Earth-9) from X of Swords Creation Vol 1 1 001.jpg

While overseeing a battle between the mutant forces of Krakoa and Arakko, Saturnyne issued a prophecy through the Krakoan mutant Polaris, which commenced a contest between select champions from Krakoa and Arakko over control of Otherworld. At the beginning, Saturnyne gave each champion a card, depicting their future in the contest. At dinner early on, Wolverine attempted to murder Saturnyne. Before he could do so, Saturnyne showed him a terrible future where this led to the Arakii forces taking over Earth. Mid-contest, Saturnyne captured Shogo, who at the time was in dragon form. As the contest went on, Saturnyne worked on a mysterious work of art. Towards the end, as the forces of Krakoa and the spaceknights fought the Arakki forces and the demons of Amenth. As Saturnyne finished the mural she was creating, she was surprised to find that it depicted the recently presumed-to-be-deceased Captain Britain Betsy Braddock. With her discovery, the Captain Britain Corps was summoned to fight with the Krakoans. Saturnyne took off on Shogo, devastating the battlefield before declaring Krakoa the winner of the contest. Afterward, Saturnyne was declared Omniversal Majestrix.


Power Grid[32]
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Omniversal Majestrix and a powerful witch, Saturnyne is the ruler of Otherworld a realm of ancient magic beyond space and time after succeeding Roma as the Omniversal Majestrix.She has become nearly omnipotent through a combination of magic and highly advanced science. When a trans-temporal tsunami of chaos was caused Saturnyne was tempted to erase 616 universe with a machine.[27] Through power, trickery, and manipulation, she monitors and acts against threats to the omniverse. She has stated to have even defeated Merlin.[28]

Witchcraft: Opal is a human of magical birthright which means she possesses the ability to manipulate magic from birth.

  • Divine Sources: As the Omniversal Guardian, Opal sits in the space between multiverses and is in control of the Nexus of realities. Like Merlyn and Roma Saturnyne is able to pull technology and Magic from all over time, space, and reality, putting her on a near level of god.
  • Reality Manipulation: Opal Luna Saturnyne can warp, alter, and bend reality to her will, accomplishing almost anything she wishes. Rules don't have to make sense to anyone but her. It was stated she had the power to erase someone with a snap, erasing them to the point where they weren't anywhere ever. She can also create anything from nothing.[29]
  • Clairvoyance: Saturnyne has the ability to perceive future events and can detect people even inside of others minds. She is shown to be adept with using Tarot cards. She can also create or predict prophecies through artistry or other means without knowing.
  • Scrying: Opal is able to hear, view, and observe people's location and condition by making projection image that shows events happening in faraway places. She was shown watching Polaris through a bowl of water and she is known to be able to scry through looking glass.[1]
  • Energy Constructs: Saturyne can shape her energy into tools, objects, and weapons. She created a thread around a dragon that could hold it in place effortlessly.[30]
  • Energy Projection: Opal can project her energy as various shapes and intensities. She is most commonly seen creating large runic symbols. She can also Utilize it offensively such as bolts, beams, burst and waves that can knock, destroy, slice, and annihilate her targets.
Opal Luna Saturnyne (Earth-9) from X-Factor Vol 4 4 002.jpg
  • Creation: Saturnyne can create anything from nothing. she created a star in the palm of her hand.[29] she also forged the Starlight Sword from the walls of the Starlight citadel itself.
  • Portal Creation: Opal can create portals to transfer herself and others instantly. As the Omniversal Guardian she has the ability to move into different Universes as well.
  • Size Alteration: Saturnyne can alter the size of organic and inorganic matter making it larger or smaller.
  • Chronokinesis: The White witch was able to stop time instantly with a snap of her finger freezing everyone around her in place.
  • Transmutation: Opal is able to transmute matter, changing anything into anything else. She has liquified a golden helmet in the palm of her hand then turned it into a spear.
  • Telekinesis: Saturnyne power to move, stop, manipulate and even destroy objects with this ability.
  • Telepathy: Saturnyne has displayed the telepathic ability to alter a person's memory freely and the ability to communicate with people through mindscapes as well as implant information into others heads. She was shown to be able to implant information into both Rachel Summers' and Cable's mind. She is also able to transfer her consciousness into the mind of Banshee and displayed the ability effortless mind control.
  • Psychic Firewall: Saturnyne is capable of setting up physic traps being able to overpower any telepathic usage and in turn mess with the telepaths mind. When Rachel Summers attempted to use her telepathy a pre recorded Saturnyne overpowered her. This shows that Saturnyne ability is passive and doesn't need her awareness.[26]
  • Witch Sight:
  • Omniversal Awareness: Opal is aware when large events affecting a universe happens as it is her job to prevent out of control situations.
  • Restoration: Saturnyne possesses the ability to restore anything back to its original state. Shown when she restored a Tarot card ruined by Apocalypse.
  • Telepathic resistance: She is immune to most forms of telepathic attacks and could even set up firewalls to protect her mind.


Opal is a cunning strategist, a powerful sorceress, and a good hand-to-hand combatant. She also forged the Starlight sword from the very walls of the Starlight Citadel.

  • Leadership: Saturnyne rules over the balance of the Omniverse maintaining its integrity at any cost. She also is the Leader of the Captain Britain corps.
  • Manipulation: Opal is a highly skilled manipulator. She is so skilled at manipulation that she can twist others perspectives to the point where they do anything she wants, turning others into pawns in her game.
  • Occultism an Magical Knowledge: Being a White Witch of Otherworld and Omniversal Guardian, she is experienced and knowledgeable over magic both new, ancient, and mutiversal.


  • Universal, Multiversal, Omniversal Influences: As the Omniversal Guardian she watches over the Omniverse. Large enough threats against it could force her to interfere, such as when Scarlet witch altered reality to create "House of M". She also had to resort to erasing a entire universe because of Jaspers' reality warp on Earth-283.



Crystal Ball: Saturnyne has multiple crystal balls she uses to scry.

Scrying Glasses: Opal has Many scrying glasses to spy on others from great distances.

Psychecom Crystal: A diamond device that projects a pre-recorded hologram message.

Life Enhancing Fluid: Also known as Push Fluid' has the ability to forcefully evolve people minds and forms as long as making them a bit stronger as well. Captain Britain was evolved back to human form after being reduced to a monkey like primate using this fluid.[31]


  • Saturnyne's extradimensional origin is unknown on Earth-616.

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