At some point she was swapped by a Skrull. When Mockingbird bested the duplicate in combat, this was the first evidence that the Skrulls were coming. The real Madame Hydra was kept on the same ship as the real Captain America. The two teamed up to break out with the other prisoners, which included the real Mockingbird, the Invisible Woman, the A.I.M. scientist supreme, a member of the Serpent Society and Agent Quartermain. The makeshift team later escaped. Captain America's leadership and ability to unite enemies to work together was how the Skrulls managed to subdue humanity before the Avengers took them down. Madame Hydra was transported by armored truck, before her minions broke her out. Their attempts at destroying the city and hurting civilians were thwarted by the combined efforts of Captain America and Spider-Man.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of the Ophelia Sarkissian of Earth-616.

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