Quote1 Hydra still exists without Madame Hydra, but not for long... Quote2
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Madame Hydra was the leader of the terrorist organization known as Hydra and headmistress of the Hydra School. She attempted to recruit Avengers Acadmey student Falcon, but failed. She did, however, convince him to research his school's staff, hoping he'd either defect or attempt to destroy it from within.

After not being able to recruit Falcon, she came back to the Acadmey to try and recruit other members such, as Black Widow and Enchantress, but failed those recruitment attempts as well.

Civil War

Madame Hydra was later seen as part of the Hydra group led by Red Skull that captured Wonder Man, Black Panther and Agent 13.

The same group later attacked the Avengers Academy and caused a rift between Iron Man and Captain America on how to properly defend the Academy.

During the siege, Red Skull with the help Winter Soldier who he was in control, challenges Madame Hydra over the control of Hydra, after an argument they split into two groups, and Madame Hydra goes to attack the Avengers Academy with her own soldiers, she end defeated and losses control of Hydra to Red Skull. After she was defeated, wanting to get her revenge on Red Skull, she offers Director Fury her services as a teacher, telling she would teach his student Anti-Hydra tactics and give her information on Hydra, Fury accepted her offer. [1]


Seemingly those of the Ophelia Sarkissian of Earth-616.

  • Madame Hydra debuted initially as a villain, she became playable later in the Civil War event.

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