Quote1 And in those days, the weak kingdom of Ophir did still remain independent, despite its rich gold and gemstone mines, its warriors wearing gilded armor, for this reason only: its more powerful neighbors Aquilonia and Nemedia, aye, and even avaricious Corinthia, all enviously watched both Ophir... and each other. Quote2
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Ophir is a prosperous Hyborian kingdom, lying to the south of the major powers of Aquilonia and Nemedia. Part of its borders is protected by a mountain range which hinders the passage of armies.

These same mountains are the main reason for its prosperity. They contain vast resources in gold and gemstones. The mines of Ophir have brought it wealth comparable to its more powerful neighbors. This wealth is reflected in the gleaming armor of its soldiers, which has a golden surface.

The capital and royal seat is Khorala. There are several autonomous city-states such as Pergona and Carnolla. The borders of Ophir include a system of fortified keeps, situated by all major passages. Aided by its mountains and other physical features, Ophir is well-prepared to face any potential invader.[4]


Foundation by Thanus

The Ophirean nation was founded by Thanus who became its first king.[2]

Under Acheron's dominion

Ophir was annexed by Acheron, but with the Fall of Acheron circa 13,000 BC, it regained its independence.[5]

Age of Conan

King Moranthes' rule


King Varis' rule


Queen Varia's rule


Balthis and Shahela's co-regency



Heading to Aquilonia to find the Devourer of Souls, Conan and his party dashed across the grassy pastures of Ophir toward the Tybor River, purposely avoiding normal roads and trade routes, hoping to avoid the attention and delay a group of armed riders such as they would undoubtedly attract.[7]

King Amalrus' rule



Alternate realities

Ophit (Earth-8313)


Points of Interest


  • Robert E. Howard named Ophir after a namesake mysterious location in the Bible, where the kings of Israel, Judah, and Tyre reportedly send expeditions to acquire gold. Making the "gold of Ophir" proverbial to Bible readers.
  • Ophir is synonymous with the "Mines of King Solomon", because these mines were not placed in Israel. Several theories place them either in Africa, or in South Asia.

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