Was given to Warlock by Eternity after Eternity awoke Adam from catatonia in which he fell after beating the Magus at the end of the Infinity War. Eternity gave Warlock the warning that he would encounter five beings of various astral importance and each of them will play a significant role in Warlock's existence. Since all of them would pose a grave danger to the universe, Eternity gave the Orb to Warlock in order to help him deal with those five beings.

After Warlock finally awoke from his coma the Orb appeared in Warlock's castle on Monster Island. Through the Orb Eternity told Adam about Thor's condition during the Blood and Thunder event. Helping Thor would put the Thunder God in Warlock's debt and he would be a strong ally for Warlock in the future.

The Orb last appeared in Warlock & the Infinity Watch # 37. It is not known what happened to the Orb after the disbanding of the Watch and the destruction of Monster Island in Warlock & the Infinity Watch # 42.


  • Eternity's warnings:
    • "One being will be in need of a Soul" (This must be Count Abyss who battled the Infinity Watch shortly thereafter. Abyss gave his soul the the Zalkor in order to become omnipotent. Through Warlock's Soul Gem he wanted to gain a new soul.)
    • "Another is entangled in a web of past and future woes" (Most likely Maxam who was sent into the past to kill Warlock before he could become the Magus and then suffered from amnesia.)
    • "There is one who will touch your heart" (Probably Maya who was used as a puppet by Count Abyss. By means of a love potion created by Abyss, Maya and Adam fell in love despite Adam's ally Darklore being Maya's husband.)
    • "Still another is one whose trust you will betray" (Either Darklore because he is falling in love with his wife or Gamora who leaves the Watch after Adam decides to give the Mind Gem to Maxam whom she never trusted.)
    • "The last one will be the terrible good that is within you" (Must be the Goddess who started her Infinity Crusade a few months later. She is Warlock's good side which he expelled after gaining the Infinity Gauntlet.)
  • Jim Starlin left Marvel before he could follow up on all these warnings. We can take the Goddess and Count Abyss for granted, Maxam is very likely the right choice though we do not know how Starlin would have resolved the angle around him. The rest is pure speculation.

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