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Inheritance from House of X Vol 1 1 001

The Forge by the Sun

Since Sol's Hammer was abandoned after it had been destroyed during the incursion crisis,[1] Orchis used its salvaged remains to build the Orchis Forge by the Sun.[2]

In six months,[2] Orchis retrofitted the station into a site for the creation of a Mother Mold, an artificial intelligence developed to fight against mutantkind. A strike force of X-Men led by Cyclops successfully destroyed the Mother Mold, with heavy casualties on both sides.[3]

Among those casualties was Erasmus Mendel, the husband of Dr. Alia Gregor.[4] She attempted to bring her husband back by creating Nimrod and implanting him into it, but when he was activated, Mystique attempted to bomb the Orchis Forge. Erasmus sacrificed himself to stop the attack, and it erased him from Nimrod.[5]

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