K and O are cosmic beings who are embodiments of chaos and order (although they would later tell Proteus that they were in fact two ordinary people). K and O were tasked with determining if the Heroes Reborn reality was salvageable or if it needed to be destroyed. Due to their embryonic nature they accidentally destroyed Paris, France when they manifested on Counter Earth. They later joined the Young Allies even though they had not rendered their judgement on the fate of that earth.

It was later revealed K and O were trying to prevent an anomaly from devouring Counter Earth and that their destruction of Paris served as a temporary cork to keep the anomaly at bay. K and O revealed that the people of Paris had been reanimated as ghosts but K and O would not allow them to move on lest the anomaly be released. Mach-3 of the Thunderbolts chose to end their suffering but as a result the anomaly was released and empowered Koyami Sazaki. Koyami Sazaki as Anomaly defeated K and O but later was defeated by the Thunderbolts and sucked into the breach.

Later Proteus in Morph's body convinced K and O to pass judgement against Counter Earth but the Exiles and Young Allies saved Counter Earth.

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