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Order of Tyrana
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The Order of Tyrana is a secret organization specializing in matters of the occult - specifically vampires. At this time, very little is known about the Order save that they maintain a vested interest in the vampire hunter, Blade, and have compiled an extensive dossier on Blade's activities. One of the more important men associated with the Order is Lucas Cross, Blade's biological father. Lucas' role in the order has yet to be clearly defined.[1]

Recently, a prophecy has emerged directly relating to Lucas Cross and his Dhampir offspring.


A father in chains
Freed by a son not yet birthed
Will Unlock Vlad's remains
Upon the salted Earth

After his vampire urge is sated
Upon drining of virgin essence
His resistence now abated
Upon learning of father's presence

Returning essence lost
From those undead in graves
At immortal living's cost
To the man known as Blade

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