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The Order sent Fenris back in time to sabotage the Time Lords' discovery of time travel. Twenty years later, they directly attacked the Time Lords, killing Fenris and Viridian before Viridian could extrapolate information from Fenris' mind.[1]. Ten years after that, a Sontaran named Brilox used a psy-snare to control Millenium and assassinate the Black Sun Elder, when from the Order's point of view they were at peace with Gallifrey. Due to this event being blamed on the Time Lords, this may have started the Black Sun War and thus the future of Earth-5 this Order comes from. [2]


  • The Order of the Black Sun seen in Doctor Who Monthly #57 is not the same as this one, as this Order is from the far future (Earth-5) and is the one that attacked the Time Lords in Doctor Who Monthly #51. However the Order of the Black Sun seen in issue #57 may very well become the one seen in issue #51.

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