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Quote1 To wear the symbol of the spider is to become a totem. Team or not, all of us are connected by the Web of Life and Destiny. Our paths are tangled together. Usually that means little. Spiders are, by nature, solitary. But sometimes something happens that brings us together-- Quote2
Madame Web[src]



Madame Web's clairvoyance had her witness the torture and murder of Peter Parker by a bandage covered demon. Following this act, the demon turned and exposited, aware that Julia was observing, and presenting a connection to the other spider heroes affiliated with Peter.[3] When the Sin-Eater and his army made their warpath across New York to target Norman Osborn, Julia approached Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider to talk with Peter about the significance of this. After he spoke with them, Julia then took a turn to tell Peter that Norman would kill again, and Sin-Eater removing that evil could save incalculable lives. However, Peter continued on as Spider-Man to Ravencroft Institute to save Norman Osborn and stop Sin-Eater.[4]

With his choice made, Julia stood in deliberation with Miles, Gwen, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, and Silk on stopping Peter from saving Norman. While they all understand the temptation, Julia argued that the visions each had where in they were with Peter at different locations and he died by Norman's hands. Given that the Web of Life and Destiny was sensing a great danger nearing Peter, it was moving them to intercede. Despite strong arguments, they reached a consensus and officially teamed up. When Miles asked about Julia's vision, she merely stated that it was "something worse" as they web-swung.[5]

Saving Peter Parker[]

Psychically observing Ravenscroft's chaos from afar, Gwen had a change of heart against interfering, wishing to respect Peter's choice. After a speech and asking for another vote, the new consensus was to allow Peter to best Sin-Eater, who was temporarily suspended in liquid concrete. The Order then intercepted Norman's attempted murder of Peter, and informed their friend of their mission upon rescue. Boarding Norman's escape pod, Norman's perverse hovering around Gwen and subsequent taunts triggered a rage in Peter, who threw Norman out for Sin-Eater to find. As the others were shocked by Peter's "different choice," Julia knew that was contrary having foreseen it, and stating it was too late to change it.[6]

Order of the Web (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 51

Kindred sends the Order to reek havoc

Traversing the river's floor, the demons taken by Sin-Eater's many cleanses were made corporeal and had found them. As the pod was breached, Julia warned Spider-Man there was no stopping the next series of events. Reaching the surface on the Hudson River, the possessed six members attacked Spider-Man on Kindred's guidance as he taunted Peter through the mouths. Following a moment of physical torture on an already overworked Spider-Man, Kindred told Peter to find them later for a "surprise" before sending the Order to "exorcise his own demons."[citation needed]

Later that night, Kindred piloted Silk to follow Peter to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where Doctor Strange was treating him. However, when learning Peter was not properly forthright with Strange, he morphed Cindy's body and taunted Peter until he begged Kindred stop. Cindy's body was restored and she was commanded to depart, as Kindred wanted a face to face encounter with Peter, sending her and the other Spiders to attack New York. Among their rampages, the Order attacked Chinatown and were intercepted by the New Warriors Speedball and Night Thrasher, but their possession allowed them a victory before moving on. One of the locations they besieged was the bridge from Queens into Manhattan where Mary Jane was driving on, destroying the wire cables holding the bridge above the water. But before they could kill innocent civilians or destroy the bridge, they were freed by Kindred from a deal Peter made with the demon and cleansed of their curse.[citation needed]

Against Kindred[]

As Doctor Strange repaired the bridge, Black Cat gathered the freed Order to relocate everyone to the Sanctum, where they and Strange entered Peter's dreamscape to expedite finding him. There, they battled passed a legion of demons to find the mystic portal leading to Peter, arriving at Kindred's cemetery with their final obstacle in Sin-Eater, empowered by Morlun's taken abilities. Easily overpowered and outmatched, Julia sacrifices herself to allow Stanley to take her powers, with his new clairvoyance showing him the truth of Kindred and he kills himself in shattered belief; allowing Julia to revive with her powers.[citation needed]

Gabriel Stacy (Earth-616), Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Order of the Web (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 55 001

The Order as Kindred's "guests"

No longer endangered by Sin-Eater, the Spiders were too slow to react to Kindred's arrival as he captured them, making them his dinner guests with Peter and Mary Jane. Finally at Kindred's culmination, the Order was held hostage witness Harry and Peter's "reunion" until Mary Jane was able to negotiate her life in exchange for Peter's salvation. With Norman's sudden arrival and Mary Jane's feigning critical injury, the Order was powerless to stop Norman as Fisk soon encased Kindred's tomb in darkness to apprehend Kindred. With the tomb's structural instability, Mary Jane evacuated the heroes.[7][8]

Following Kindred's defeat with Fisk holding him in a Darkforce prison, Gwen was outraged by Peter's reluctance to share answers considering she defended his right to choose back at Ravencroft. But his choosing to sacrifice Norman for Sin-Eater proved her wrong. At Mary Jane's and Julia's advice, everyone was talked into waiting until a later time due to their collective ordeal. Despite the hell they experienced, Cindy and Anya still voted to continue helping Peter, as Jess and Julia also noted that they needed to confront the rampaging criminals no longer cleansed. As a team, they chose to continue on and combat the increased super-criminal activity after Kindred's influence.[2]

End of the Spider-Verse[]

With the return of Shathra and her hunting Spider-Totems across the multiverse,[9] the Sisterhood of the Wasp reactivated and were newly led by Delilah. When they came into conflict with Spider-Girl, who's original powers were returning, Madame Web recruited her and had Web-Weaver give her a new suit. Anya resumed her Araña moniker and defeated Delilah before going on a multiverse hopping quest to find a new Spider-Army to stop Shathra.[10] On Earth-65, Gwen was among the first corrupted by one of Shathra's wasps,[9] as Madame Web sought other Spiders, including new sub-commander: Spider-UK.[11] Madame Web sent a psychic message to the Spiders of Earth-616 to protect Peter, the chosen hero of the Great Web, for which Miles, Cindy, and Jess found and fought an arrived Morlun. However, Morlun's recruitment into the Spider-Army against Shathra was revealed too late, as Spider-Man "Noir" arrived and stabbed Jess with a magic blade that erased her from the Great Web, the Spiders and Morlun abducted to the Great Nest.[12]

After Shathra's defeat, Gwen was freed from Shathra's corruption, and Neith restored all those who had been severed from the Web of Life, including Jessica.[citation needed]


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