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The Organization

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Number One, Mort, Danny, Dr. Walter Lawson, Deathgrip, Number Nineteen, Number Twenty-Three

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The Organization was a criminal consortium based in Florida. Dr. Walter Lawson worked for them, creating, amongst other things, the robot Cyberex and the Eon Ray gun for them before his assumed death. When the Organization tried to retrieve Cyberex, its agents clashed with Captain Marvel.[1] Captain Marvel visited their headquarters, he wanted to agree to a truce with the Organization, upon learning they had taken his friend Carol Danvers prisoner, he turned on them. He rescued his friend and upon their escape left the base in the rubble, seemingly shut down their enterprise for good.[2]

Former member Deathgrip, who as a result of the explosion was mutated into a vampire-like being, sought the captain, who he thought was the real Walter Lawson. He wanted Lawson to cure him.[3] Captain Marvel was unable to find a cure within 48 hours; and in one last-ditch effort, Deathgrip tried to reverse the effects by shooting himself with the Eon Ray. This ended up disintegrated him instead, seemingly killing the last remnants of the consortium.[4]


  • The Organization has no apparent connection with the Ani-Men, who were originally known as "The Organization" while under the leadership of The Organizer.

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