Pre-Cataclysmic Age

Orichalc,[1][2] and Orichalcum, was respectively the lost,[3] legendary magical metal of Atlantis,[4] and a rare Atlatean mineral.[2]

Hyborian Age

The Orichalcum's legend survived in the Hyborian Age's Hyboria world-continent.[4]

Eight thousand years after the Great Cataclysm, Avalon the largest surviving island of Atlantis flourished through the trade of gold and orichalcum.[5]

In the Age of Conan, the materials necessary to make Orichalcum were very hard to come by. Daedikaron seemingly managed to produce some,[6] which he used to fashion his wings.[3]

After boarding a valley from descendants of Atlanteans, Conan found a casket of Orichalcum containing a map of the isles of Antillia.[4]

Modern Age

Orichalc was required for the spell assembled by the Logomancer to destroy the Aqueos. Namor used a liquid form of it.[1]

Objects in Orichalcum

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  • Orichalcum, or aurichalcum, is a metal mentioned in several ancient writings, including the story of Atlantis in the "Critias" of Plato.

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