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The origins of the "Walking Mountains" (or "Oriental Giants" as they are referred to in the western world) are unknown. They are an ancient race of giant humanoids that are located in a remote region of the Tibetan mountains. In 1941, they were found by Benson and his assistant Finley who discovered that the creatures' one weakness was loud noises. Enslaving them with threats of death, Benson brought a number of these creatures to the United States.

There, he would use the "Oriental Giants" to eliminate his foes and amass ill gotten gains. When Finley became worried about the FBI nabbing them on tax evasion, Benson had the giants slay him and the FBI agent that was investigating them. Discovered by government agent Betsy Ross, the creatures attempted to murder her as well until they were stopped by Captain America and Bucky.

Later, Benson sent the creatures to attack Camp Lehigh; however, they were forced back when Bucky managed to kill one of the creatures with a grenade, although Steve and Bucky could not deduce how the creature was killed. Later, Captain America was captured by the creatures and held prisoner by Benson who revealed their origins and weakness to the hero before he was freed by Bucky. In the final battle, Captain America and Bucky set off the cannon that Benson used to keep the giants in line. The resulting explosion killed the giants, and Benson was also crushed in the collapse of his hideout.[1]

If any of these giants still exist today remains to be seen.

Powers and Abilities


The giants are long lived and invulnerable to conventional means of injury, as they have proven invulnerable to bullets, cannon shells and explosives.

Average Strength Level

The giants have enhanced strength, able to life a grown human being or strangle them to death with ease.


The giants are vulnerable to loud noises that are let off at close range. Even the sound of an exploding firework can prove to be lethal to these creatures, killing them in an instant.



Mountainous regions of Tibet


Earth like


Earth like


Level of Technology

The giants appear to be a primitive culture with no discernible technology.

Cultural Traits

The giants appear to operate in a pack mentality.

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