The Origin was part of a group of Descendants led by the ominous Father who raided A.I.M. Island in order to liberate a Stark Sentinel from A.I.M.. Just as they succeeded in their plan, they were confronted by the Avengers who also came there to take the Sentinel since it had secret files on every superheroes strengths and weaknesses.

This led to a battle between the two groups with The Origin being pitted against the Wasp when all of a sudden her body was shut down from an neural inhibitor created by Giant-Man in order to stop them in their tracks, but was considered by Vision as the equivalent of killing them.[2]


The Origin possesses various superhuman attributes as a result of her artificial nature:

Flight: The Origin possesses the ability to propel herself through the air allowing her to fly. She was shown in flight with teammate the Ideal when they were interacting with the Stark Sentinel and also when she fought against Wasp.

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