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The Origin is a cosmic entity on the side of life charged with creating the origins of various events throughout the universe, particularly the origins of superpowered beings.

For some time, the Origin had taken a particular interest in creating superpowered beings on Earth. It has claimed:

  • to be the one who conjured the cosmic storm that granted the Fantastic Four their powers,
  • to have at some point showed Thor and other Asgardians the way to Earth,
  • to be responsible for setting up what abilities mutants would receive since their time in the womb,
  • to be be responsible for all extraterrestrial interest in Earth by having planted Earth's location in the minds of the Silver Surfer, The Skrulls, and Galactus.

The Origin frequently battled with another cosmic entity called the Unbeing who existed to undo the Origin's work. The Origin took on human form to better create superhumans on Earth, but that form grew old and the Origin's powers weakened. The Unbeing attempted to trick the superhero Quasar into killing the Origin's human form which would have separated it from the mortal plane for a long period of time, but Quasar saw through the deception and killed the Unbeing instead. Origin died a peaceful death moving on to its next physical form, but not before using its powers to cause minor changes in Quasar's uniform to aid him in a coming battle.[1]

Later, when Quasar died a physical death becoming separated from the Quantum Bands, the Origin teleported the bands to its location in deep space to protect them till Quasar's return.[2] Quasar sought out the bands and came upon the Origin surrounded by several Elders of the Universe. Quasar protected the vulnerable Origin from the Elders until he retrieved the bands. The Origin was later safely born with the aid of the Elder known as Caregiver.[3]

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The Origin possesses vast cosmic powers to allow it to defy the laws of physics and create the origin of superpowered beings. These powers allow it to retroactively alter reality without creating a diverging timeline.

The Origin is immortal and if it is killed or dies, it will eventually reincarnate into a new physical form. The period of time to reincarnate depends upon the manner of death.[1]


Origin's powers can be limited by the form of its host. When trapped in the body of an elderly human woman the Origin's powers were limited to about 500 miles. If the body is killed instead of dying of natural causes, the Origin will be unable to take a new physical form for a prolonged period of time.[1]

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