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Synopsis for "Book Four"

After being rescued from Dr. Essex’s experiments by Clara and Creed, Logan has difficulty adjusting to everyday life. Clara attempts to bring out more of his humanity by taking him to a local butcher shop to engage in basic conversation with others. Logan stutters through ordering sausages, but is able to make it through the transaction. Upon leaving the shop, the butcher attempted to give Logan the change he left behind; however, Logan attacked the butcher with his claws. Clara, Creed and Logan must move again due to this exposure. Logan continues to have flashbacks to the deaths of those he was close to in the past (Rose, the wolf pack). Creed grows more and more frustrated at Logan’s emotional state and storms out of the room they are staying in. Later that night, Logan has a nightmare and awakes with his claws out. Logan confides his history to Clara and tells her he tried to commit suicide, but could not due to his regeneration capabilities. Clara provides comforting words and they embrace/kiss (while Creed watches from a building across the street). Marauders burst into the room and attempt to subdue Logan with electric prods. It only enrages him and he frantically attacks and kills all the Marauders in the room. However, in the frenzy he stabs Clara – triggering a flashback to all the deaths he’s caused before. Creed returns to find Clara dead. Creed and Logan decide to seek revenge against Dr. Essex and head out. After leaving the building, Clara is revealed to still be alive.

Solicit Synopsis

 The penultimate issue!

  • Logan, Clara and Creed are on the run from Sinister… but could Sinister offer Logan something he can’t refuse?
  • Creed’s secret revealed!

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