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Emma Frost
What the hell does that mean? Make some sense, dammit! You said we were working for Nick Fury!
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Nick Fury
You were, Emma dear. And you still are.
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Synopsis for "Secret Warriors"

Doctor Strange and Punisher's investigation took them to another realm, where they discovered somebody had been killing monsters. Realizing that the killer had been doing that for a long time, Strange realized that someone already knew about this, and merely sent him and Punisher to pick up his trail. Black Panther, Ant-Man and Emma Frost were returning from having discovered numerous underground monsters killed with gamma-irradiated bullets as they received the alert that Nick Fury had been killed, believing that couldn't be right, he deviated their shuttle's trajectory. As Wolverine and Hulk discovered Fury's corpse, Doctor Strange and Punisher arrived the Tower, incapacitating the Avengers and taking the Orb with them, who Strange detected as being useful for the investigation, as he could lead them to Uatu's eye.

Black Panther's team arrived to a hidden satellite, from where the same signal which contacted him for the investigation came from. They met Punisher and Doctor Strange there, as well as Bucky. As the Winter Soldier was explaining why was he there, Gamora and Moon Knight arrived to the base, having being rescued from the dead planet by Rocket Raccoon. As Gamora fought Bucky, the head of Nick Fury the Winter Soldier was holding was revealed to be a LMD's. Bucky revealed he had tracked down the signal of the LMD's chip to the satellite. As Emma Frost was questioning Black Panther whether they were actually working for Nick Fury or not, an elder Nick Fury revealed himself, accompanied by other LMDs of him.

Solicit Synopsis


• One hero goes rogue. Another loses his head.

• Dr. Strange and the Punisher team up for a daring raid.

• And all trails now lead to one suspect.

• But he... how is that even possible?

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