Quote1.png Years went by. Howard Stark was long dead. As far as I knew, so was anyone else who might've ever known what I was doing. More superflock came along. Faster than I could keep count. I thought for a bit they might make me irrelevant. But, well... I love Steve Rogers like a brother. But not every job is for Captain America. Quote2.png
-- Nick Fury

Appearing in "The Secret History of Colonel Nicholas J. Fury"

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Synopsis for "The Secret History of Colonel Nicholas J. Fury"

In order to give an explanation, Nick Fury told the heroes a story about his past. During a mission in Kansas, Fury found himself trying to fight off the aliens known as Tribellians. His forces were overpowered, but the tables were turned once Woody McCord arrived and defeated the monsters before being fatally injured. Howard Stark, McCord's partner, arrived to the scene and discovered Fury alongside Woody's corpse. He decided to show Fury the work McCord had been doing as defender of Earth, neutralizing any potential threat for the planet, and offered him Woody's job. Fury accepted and over the next years would secretly fight different super human threats, from aliens to Subterranean monsters and extra-dimensional beings, and those had been the corpses the different parties had found.

Before he could answer other questions, the Orb collapsed in the floor. Fury stated that his body was still absorbing what he stole from the Moon, and that they had to put him in the interrogation room as the clock was ticking. When Black Panther asked what happened to the Watcher, Fury replied merely that he had died, but also that he now supposed it was his turn.

Solicit Synopsis

• Find out the secret history of the Unseen!

• What is the Original Sin?


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