Quote1.png Mother! I would speak to thee of visions. Visions granted me by the burning eye of a dead Watcher! Visions of cosmic war at the dawn of time! Of Nine Realms torn with fire and blood and secrets! I know, mother! There is a Tenth Realm! Quote2.png
-- Thor

Appearing in "Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, Part One of Five"

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Synopsis for "Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, Part One of Five"

After the Orb releases the Eye onto the Avengers, Thor sees his Original Sin - Angela is Odin's daughter, and therefore the sister of Thor and the foster sister of Loki. Angela's origin story is also revealed: a long time ago, Odin had Angela as his daughter. Then, a Tenth Realm, known as Heven, home to a race of Angels, declared war on Asgard. The infant Angela was a presumed casualty. And in his fury, after Asgard emerged victorious, Odin severed Heven from the other realms. But Angela had survived, and was raised in Heven to become a bounty hunter.

Discovering Angela's heritage, Thor heads back to Asgard to ask more about Angela from Frigga. After learning a few more details, he heads with Loki to Heven in order to learn more about their sister.

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• Thanks to the events of ORIGINAL SIN, the deepest secret of the Nine Realms is revealed... a Tenth Realm!

• Thor and Loki embark on a quest to discover this strange new world -- and the sister Thor never knew he had... Angela!

• But can Loki be trusted? And will brother and sister murder each other before the truth comes out?

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