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Quote1.png There will always be someone watching. Someone who sees all things. All the beauty and horror. All the secrets and sins. Someone whose sacred duty it is to record the life of our world. To observe us from afar. To watch... But never interfere. To remain forevermore... Unseen. He is The Unseen, and this is his burden now. This is his curse. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The One Who Watches"

The watchers look on as Nick Fury and the other heroes engage the army of Mindless Ones. The Cosmic Man (formerly Dr. Midas) plans his next move, only to realize that his daughter, Oubliette Midas, has retreated to earth with his severed hand, which has the ability to turn anything it touches into gold. In the chaos, the Orb is able to obtain the Watcher's eyes. One of them embeds itself in his chest, and he leaves the other behind.

Dr. Strange warns Fury that the only reason the conflict is still going on is because Fury has one final sin to confess. Fury then admits to having killed the Watcher, although he defends his motives. The Winter Soldier reassures Fury that Fury has done enough and that he and the other heroes can finish the fight. However, Fury is determined to defeat Cosmic Man and bear the Watcher's burden himself. During their final confrontation, Fury uses the overwhelming energy of the Watcher's eye to kill Cosmic Man, but seemingly destroys himself in the process, as well. The heroes return to the Earth in a somber state. Meanwhile, Oubliette Midas muses over the fact that her family business will be ruined without her father, and the world she's been accustomed to has come to an end. Having mysteriously returned to Earth, the Orb barges into a home to watch a woman murder her husband.

Back in space, the Winter Soldier snipes a Zn'rx scout who was relaying news of the Watcher's death to his people. Despite earth's heroes believing that Fury had died, he is revealed to be alive on the blue area of the moon, where he is literally bound to his task as the anonymous successor of the Watcher -- tasked with recording earth's history but never meddling in its affairs.

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Original Sin Vol 1 8 Thor Error.jpg
  • In an interesting artistic error, on page 23 (the one right after the page containing the digital code) in the top panel, Thor is on the bottom right of clearly holding Mjolnir, even though he is supposed to be no longer worthy at this point, and is shown in later panels still trying to lift the hammer.

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