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| Image7Text = [[Arthur Adams]] Variant
| Image7Text = [[Arthur Adams]] Variant
| ReleaseDate = 09-3-2014
| ReleaseDate = 09-3-2014
| Month = 10
| Month = 11
| Year = 2014
| Year = 2014
| Event = Original Sin
| Event = Original Sin

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Quote1 There will always be someone watching. Someone who sees all things. All the beauty and horror. All the secrets and sins. Someone whose sacred duty it is to record the life of our world. To observe us from afar. To watch... But never interfere. To remain forevermore... Unseen. He is The Unseen, and this is his burden now. This is his curse. Quote2
-- Narrator

Appearing in "The One Who Watches"

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Synopsis for "The One Who Watches"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

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Original Sin Vol 1 8 Thor Error
  • In an interesting artistic error, on page 23 (the one right after the page containing the digital code) in the top panel, Thor is on the bottom right of clearly holding Mjolnir, even though he is supposed to be no longer worthy at this point, and is shown in later panels still trying to lift the hammer.

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