Orikal is a being from another universe that wandered into our own. Disoriented, he was captured by Geirrodur, King of Trolls, who imprisoned Orikal in a sea of fire from which he could not escape. Geirrodur used Orikal for information and for knowledge of advanced weaponry. Using this knowledge, Geirrodur was almost successful in conquering Asgard until Thor and Sif freed Orikal.

Later, Orikal would once again be captured by Geirrodur. He spent the rest of his days providing information to Thor and Odin.[1]


Possessed the Infinite Eye which let him see anything in all of time, space, realms, and all planes of existence.[1] He could scan the entire universe for information in a matter of minutes. He could take on a form of pure energy and travel through space. Orikal also possesses the power to make a duplicate Mjolnir that was given to Ulik to wield.[2]


He was vulnerable to a type of fire found in the Troll Kingdom.

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