Orion Rex is an alien from a planet somewhere in the Orion system. In 1951, he came to Earth and posed as atomic scientist Dr. Norio in order to develop an anti-radiation ray to counteract the effects of the atomic bombs. Once he completed the device, he then has his minions pretend to kidnap him, and they hid out in the Grand Canyon. They caused a series of avalanches to prey on a local superstition of a Native American curse placed on the canyon was true.

However, the disappearance of "Dr. Norio" and the sightings of flying saucers prompted the United States government to ask the Uranian super-hero Marvel Boy to investigate the disappearance. Marvel Boy's investigation leads him to the Grand Canyon where Orion Rex and his minions captured Marvel Boy and took him prisoner. Orion Rex then boasted of his plans and left Marvel Boy tied up and under guard while he waited for conditions to allow for space travel.

Marvel Boy broke free from his bonds and obtained a nuclear bomb from the military and dropped it in the Grand Canyon, killing Orion's minions. Marvel Boy then attacked Orion and easily defeated him, using his anti-nuclear ray to eliminate the radiation in the Canyon. Orion Rex was turned over to the American authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Orion invented an anti-nuclear ray which could eliminate radioactivity.


Orion had access to a "flying saucer" that allowed him to travel in space.


Orion had access to various ray guns.

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