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Orksa is the sister of Funtzel, and his associate into Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery.

She married successively Axel, Jody and Macho Gomez, tattooing their names on her right arm, unbeknown of Obb's love for her.

When Deadpool came to the Funtzel station and affirmed to have killed Macho Gomez, she assaulted him, but when he kissed her to calm her down, she thought of it as a marriage proposal, and accepted.

When Obb came to talk about Deadpool's mission with the Ongulians against Id, the Selfish Moon, Orksa suspected something, and stole a ship to go help her husband, followed unbeknown by Obb who was intending to kill Deadpool.

After the destruction of U-235 by Id, and Id's death, Orksa used her ship's tractor beam to recuperate both Wade and Obb (unbeknown to her, again) in the escape rocket, and send them back to Funtzel station.

Seeing Wade unlimbed (in order to came enter with Obb in the rocket), Orksa violently react, revealing her attention to Obb. In the following days, they share love while Deadpool was in convalescence, and when he finally completely heal, he make them be officially together, considering his limb mutilation by Obb (on his order) was enough to be consider as he killed him, the necessary step to "space-divorce", and they had already kissed.

Wade then quit, leaving Obb and Orksa married.




Her precedents husbands possibly killed each the precedent, because when Deadpool affirmed to have killed Macho Gomez and married Orksa, Funtzel said "dammit, not again".

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