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The Conquistador created an organization stationed out of Dunfee, Illinois, in a bid to conquer the world [2]. When young mutant Hank McCoy would make headlines stopping robbers during a football game, the Conquistador would become interested in the teenager, hoping to recruit him into his plans[3], unaware that Professor Charles Xavier also sought to recruit the boy into his team of mutants called the X-Men. The Conquistador would kidnap Hank, and his parents Norton and Edna, using the parents as hostages to force Hank to do his bidding.[4]. He would force Hank to steal a miniature energy reactor to power a device that could cause cataclysmic disasters on a global scale. Although Hank would succeed in stealing the device, and the Conquistador's minion Chico would complete their doomsday machine, the Conquistador's attempt at global conquest would fail thanks to the intervention of the X-Men. Cyclops, Angel, and Iceman would succeed in freeing Hank and his parents. The Conquistador would then attempt to strike back at them by activating the doomsday weapon, however the Professor would use his mental powers to cause the machine to explode, seemingly killing the Conquistador.[5]

When S.H.I.E.L.D. compiled a list of mutants who were de-powered following M-Day, the Conquistador's image appeared in their database.[6]


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The Conquistador used weapons fashioned after the 14th Century Spanish warriors of the same name. He wielded a sword which could split into a three pronged stun weapon, firing an electrical jolt strong enough to incapacitate Hank McCoy. The sword's power came from a modified pair of 14th century conquistador armor, which offers him protection from injury. He also carried a shield for defensive purposes. His soldiers had armor similar to his.


  • The Conquistador's encounter with Henry McCoy was retold in Uncanny Origins #6.
  • Although this Conquistador's image appeared in SHIELD's Decimation list, this has been revealed as an error, as he was confused with Miguel Tores, a mutant who operated under the name El Conquistador[7].

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