Orlean Cooper was an exiled demon and New Orleans club owner that hired two New Orleans thieves, Gambit (Remy LeBeau) and 'Fast' Jack Jessup to steal a deck of cards from Morgan Penrose. The deck of cards was the Inficio Aquilus, a deck of tarot cards that would have empowered Orlean and would have allowed him to return from his exile. Orlean had never intended to pay either Gambit or 'Fast' Jack and played them off of one another until he was able to retrieve the cards from them. Gambit was later able to replace the cards in Orlean's possession with a pack of dummy cards. When Orlean attempted to perform the ritual to return from his exile with the dummy cards, he was scarred by the experience. He incorrectly assumed that 'Fast' Jack was the thief responsible for switching the decks and killed him in anger.[1]

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