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Orloo is a small town in Eastern Ontario that was selected as a test site for the Department H Cosmic Ray Collector. The Collector was designed to be a new energy source but questions regarding its safety significantly slowed its progress. When the Collector was activated, the team of scientists working on it were unable to de-activate it. Department H called in its two primary weapons, Weapon Alpha and Weapon X to stop it. The Collector was malfunction and re-transmitting the cosmic radiation it had stored. The famed hero Chinook attempted to help the Department H agents but was mutated by the cosmic rays into a demonic being. With the assitance of Eugene Judd and Hudson's wife Heather McNeil, the threat was prevented before a black hole could form. But this came at the loss of Chinook.[1]

After the defeat of Chinook, Hudson and McNeill have a small religious wedding ceremony at the local church. Logan served as the best man at the wedding. [1]

Years later, the demonic version of Chinook re-appeared and ravaged the town with dangerous winds. Department H's super-human response team, Alpha Flight were able to destroy him a second time.[2]

Orloo reportedly used to be a sleepy little town, where the way of life changed little for over 100 years. Following Department H's opening and closing of the Cosmic Ray Collector facility, the town underwent great changes. They included the appearance of mini-malls, office buildings, four-lane roads, and fast-food franchises. The locals were not particularly happy and felt like they had lost control of their lives. [2]

Points of Interest

  • Cosmic Ray Collector: a failed experimental energy source that malfunctioned and mutated hero Chinook into a demon.
  • Hull House: orphanage that is operated by Department H for children who have displayed super-human abilities. Located significantly close to the Cosmic Ray Collector.

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