Storm is an American who was orphaned in Cairo after her parents were killed during an earthquake. She later went to Kenya where her powers manifest and she is worshiped as a goddess, and later returned to the States, becoming a graduate student at a certain university. Professor X discovered her after she created a isolated rain shower to prevent a crashed car from igniting and exploding, saving the trapped driver before flying away. She met Charles quickly afterward, and joined him as a instructor at the institute.[citation needed]

Storm became a teacher at Professor X's Xavier Institute. She is the aunt of the X-Man, Evan Daniels, aka Spyke.[2]


See Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)#Powers


See Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)#Abilities



Like the mainstream counterpart, Storm is a claustrophobic. In the season 4 episode "Ghost of a Chance" she has a nightmare of her bedroom walls closing in on her menacingly.

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