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Storm was born with the ability to create weather elements and change the weather to her choosing but she did not discover her powers until her teenage years.

Cosmic Brick Crisis

Attack on the X-Mansion

Upon the X-Mansion being attacked by Magneto, Storm was ambushed by Toad, who trapped her with her tongue. As Cyclops and Jean Grey broke into the room, Storm was able to repel Toad with her lightning. The three evacuated nearby students, with the building then going into lockdown. After breaking through the door as per the instructions left by a video message of Beasts, the three saw Iceman fighting with Pyro. Iceman defeated Pyro, allowing the four to rescue the last remaining students, with Magneto then sending them a threatening video message. Taking the secret passageway to Cerebro, the four found Magneto and Mystique, disguised as Professor X, with the tesseract. Easily able to see through Mystique's disguise, Jean and Iceman pursued the two as they fled, while Cyclops and Storm went to take protect the students. [1]

Intervention on Genosha

Storm was sent by Profesor X to help assist Captain America and Thing during their assault on Asteroid M. Storm arrived to find the two surrounded by Dinosaurs. Storm rescued them by killing the nearby dinosaurs and then joined them in their assault. The three eventually encountered Mystique posing as Magneto, using a metal-bending gun to further the pretense, and Rhino who had taken refuge on the island. After Thing was able to beat Rhino in a fight, the three used nearby Debris to break through Mystique's metal shield. Despite their efforts, however, Asteroid M still rose, though they were still able to capture Mystique. [1]

Battle on Asteroid M

Pursuing Asteroid M, the three found Spider-Man standing alone against Loki and Doom. They decided to help Spider-Man, prompting the two to retreat to the upper levels. Fighting Magneto Acolytes and Doombots along the way, the four were able to activate an elevator to the outer corridors of the spacestation, where they were met by minions and security measures, including several security turrets. Opening a door to a joining connection bridge despite the securities' systems warnings, the quartet were sucked out into space, eventually landing back in the spacestation where they confronted Doctor Doom. With Doom channeling his newfound power into a forcefield and Loki out of reach, the team fought a wave of standard Doombots, V-Series Doombots and Magneto Acolytes before Doom chanelled his powers into a laser cannon, allowing Captain America to deflect it, destroying the cannons and allowing them to fight him directly. After working through the rest of his defences, the heroes were finally able to defeat Doom, with the Thing punching him into space. After Iron Man and Thor rejoined the group Loki revealed his master plan, use the Doom Ray to take control of Galactus and have it devour Earth and Asgard. Loki demonstrated this, having Galactus destroy Asteroid M, causing the 6 heroes to crash-land on the hellicarrier. [1]

Last Stand on the Hellicarrier

Faced with the prospect of global annihilation, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Earth's mightiest heroes made an alliance with various villains who had previously been hired by Doctor Doom and Loki. Storm was assigned to 'Team Four' with Doctor Doom, Magneto and Cyclops. Team Four assembled a replica of Earth that contained Hulk and Thor, this fooled Galactus and they were able to knock him and Loki into the black hole. As per Fury and Doom's earlier agreement, the villains were given a thirty second head-start to escape, an idea that was unintentionally sabotaged by Hulk's inability to count to three, allowing the villains to escape. [1]

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Seemingly those of the Ororo Munroe of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ororo Munroe of Earth-616.

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