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After having been kidnapped by the Nanny cyborg and de-aged to 11 years old, Storm had most of her adult memories essentially removed by Cameron Hodge and a custom transmodification process that allowed her to retain free will. She was then placed into digital storage as an energy form by a mutant known as Pipeline, and later acquired by the anti-mutant group know as the Consortium. She essentially escaped, and was found by Gambit and adopted by the X-Men. They take to calling her " 'Ro". She was kidnapped by a cloned evil adult version of herself going by the name Perfect Storm. The X-Men waged war against the evil clone, meanwhile 'Ro regained her memories with the help of Dr. Strange and acquires her adult body and full power, allowing her to defeat her clone. She developed an affinity for Gambit and rekindled her friendship with Shadowcat, before taking her place as the ruler of Wakanda.[citation needed]



She has seemingly all the same powers as her Earth-616 counterpart.

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