Storm was with her teammates at the Blackbird when they received a telepathic message from Baron Grey to help the other X-Men after being ambushed by Genosha's Press Gang. Storm arrived with Ink and Armor to the battle, but they didn't fight for long as the Press Gang managed to escape the scene successfully with their hostage Triage.[1]

Storm was chosen along with specific other members to head to Genosha in order to rescue their friends. Arriving in Hammer Bay, Storm immediately took to the sky and unleashed blasts of lightning bolts towards the city's building infrastructures causing the rumble to hit the ground in hopes of keeping the Press Gang off balance.

She then encountered Wolfsbane and a possessed Rogue, but Ink had Storm's back by handling Rogue so she could focus on Rahne. Storm then hit her in the chest with a strong electrical blast which led her to fall into the sub-levels of Hammer Bay.[2]

After finding out that Cameron Hodge was resurrected, Storm helped with the evacuation of the city. She then regrouped with the others to help take him down but during the fray Havok, Wolfsbane, and Bombshell sacrificed themselves by flying the Blackbird straight into Hodge as Bombshell and Havok used their abilities to create a huge explosion killing Hodge once more.

Storm was last seen with everyone as they mourned the death of their comrades.[3]


Seemingly those of the Ororo Munroe of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ororo Munroe of Earth-616.

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