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This version of Storm was introduced when the X-Men were first sent to Limbo. This Storm was in a team of X-Men that were not able to return to their dimension and she was made to be Belasco's apprentice, after the demon N'astirh as Belasco preferred humans over demons. After rebelling against Belasco, Storm fought Belasco, demons, and former teammates, while continuing her education in magic. Storm aided the X-Men and her younger self in battling Belasco and, using her magic, was instrumental in the team returning home.

After Illyana Rasputin was trapped in Limbo, Storm raised her for a number of years with Cat, another version of Kitty Pryde that was in her team of X-Men that did not return to their dimension. For a while, Illyana was instructed in magic, by Storm, and instructed in combat, by Cat. After a number of years, Illyana and Cat left, attempting to return to their dimension and they both were captured by Belasco. Cat was literally turned into a loyal house cat and Illyana was made Belasco's apprentice. Storm continued to mentor her in magics from her astral form, until Belasco captured her as well. Illyana was forced to kill Cat, who was possessed by Belasco, to save the life of Storm, and later killed her mentor Storm, rather than allow Belasco to use her in a sacrifice to resurrect the Elder Gods.[citation needed]




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