When Storm underwent the transmodification process, her adult memories were removed and put into storage. After being routed into a form of all energy and placed into storage by the mutant known as Pipeline, Tony Stark, working for the group known as Consortium attempted to release Storm back into a physical form but caused her body to separate from her memories and energy state. The all energy and memory form of her took on the identity of "Ghost Panther" after being given a black panther looking suit of armor by Tony Stark. She was aware that her physical body existed in the form of lil 'Ro and saught to merge with her. She was confronted by the evil clone of herself after rescuing 'Ro, and started a revolution with help from archangel, the Morlocks, and the rest of the X-men, against the evil Storm and the forces of Wakanda. She eventually merged with 'Ro with help from Dr. Strange and defeated her clone. She went on to rule Wakanda while maintaining good relations with the X-men and Avengers.

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