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Early Life[]

The Orphan-Maker, whose real name appears to be Peter, was rescued by the cyborg known as Nanny from captivity by Mister Sinister. Sinister had apparently been planning to exploit Peter's abilities for his own ends, but instead decided that he couldn't control him and decided to kill him. Peter has commented that Nanny found a way to keep him from growing into what he would have become, but it is not clear what he meant by this comment.

Nanny believed it was up to her to protect mutant children from the dangers of the world around them. She made Peter her accomplice in this task, outfitting him with an armored battle suit and weaponry. Their modus operandi was to abduct mutant children and battle anyone who got in their way, including killing the children's parents. For this reason, Peter became known as the Orphan-Maker.[5][6]


Eleanor Murch (Earth-616) and Orphan-Maker (Peter) (Earth-616) from Slingers Vol 1 9 001

Peter botches the interrogation

After Peter, the first mutant Eleanor tried to "rescue" was Johnny Gallo, who would one day be known as Ricochet. when Nanny's machines detected Gallo's activation, Orphan-Maker seemed jealous of Nanny's interest in gathering other children besides himself. When they confronted Johnny's mother, Johnny was nowhere to be seen. Eager to please, Orphan-Maker impulsively killed her. An exasperated Nanny gently chided Peter not to shoot targets before questioning them.[7]

Orphan-Maker (Earth-616) from Wolverine Killing Made Simple Vol 1 1

Along with Nanny, the Orphan-Maker has battled members of the X-Men,[8] X-Factor,[9] the Avengers,[10] Generation X,[11] and the Fantastic Four.[10]

Orphan-Maker (Peter) (Earth-616) from Slingers Vol 1 9 001

Peter threatens Ricochet's father

Seven years to the day after Peter killed Ricochet's mother, Nanny made another attempt to recruit the young mutant. She sent Orphan-Maker to capture Ricochet, arousing his jealousy once more. After retrieving Ricochet, Orphan-Maker was sent to kill Johnny's father. A newly escaped Ricochet intervened, and successfully convinced his assailant that he would become Nanny's favorite if "adopted". As such, Orphan-Maker abandoned his pursuit, fleeing with Nanny.[7]

Right after the Decimation, when the students were sent back from the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to their homes, Peter and Nanny resurfaced, intending to abduct Trance. They battled Wolverine and were eventually defeated by Trance.[12]

Krakoa & The Hellions[]

Orphan-Maker (Peter) (Earth-616) from Hellions Vol 1 1 001

After a quick battle with the X-Men, Peter & Nanny came to live on Krakoa. Afterwards, they were inducted into the Hellions, a team for mutants whose violent and antisocial proclivities made them maladjusted to life on the island. On their first mission, they were sent to destroy the State Home for Foundlings, which was a front for a Marauders cloning farm. While he and Nanny were being beaten by the perverse, zombie-like Marauders, they were rescued by their fellow teammates, who completed the mission.[13]

During the X of Swords contest, Mister Sinister proposed to the Quiet Council of Krakoa that the forfeiture of the Swordbearers of Arakko be arranged by stealing their swords with the help of the Hellions. The proposal was accepted, with the addendum that Sinister personally lead the Hellions to Arakko. The Hellions reached Avalon and headed to Arakko to steal the swords. They arrived too late however, and learned that Mister Sinister had in fact led the Hellions here to collect the DNA of Arakkii mutants. They encountered Tarn the Uncaring, a godlike Arakkii mutant, and his servants, the Locus Vile. After Sinister attempted to steal their genes, they attacked him and the Hellions. Orphan-Maker and Nanny were killed in the ensuing battle.[14]

As a consequence of dying in Amenth, he came back stronger and different, now more physically mature, though still mentally and emotionally stunted. He developed a rebellious streak and began trying to assert his independence from Nanny.[2] This did not last long however, and he soon went back to craving Nanny's attention. After he discovered a robot baby in Nanny's care, she angrily berated him, causing him to break down in tears.[15] After the Hellions' final mission, a re-match with Tarn and the Locus Vile, which ended with the destruction of Sinister's secret clone farm (and the death of the Sinister/Tarn chimera he had been working on), Nanny's ship was hijacked by the Right and her robot "child" stolen. When Peter tried to help her, she yelled at him for not being there when she needed him.[16]

Desperate to prove himself to Nanny, he left to storm the Right's base and retrieve his "baby brother". He was pursued by the Hellions, who came after him to help. He managed to single-handedly fight his way into the heart of the compound and found the robot. Just then, Nanny stormed in and took it from him, only for the robot's mutant-hating A.I. to kick-in, causing it to kill her. Disturbed by watching her die, Peter went on a rampage, killing everyone he came across. Two park rangers had overheard the commotion at the compound and came to investigate. In his rage, Peter killed both of them, and was found by the Hellions exhausted and begging forgiveness.[17]

For the crime of murdering two innocent humans, Peter and the rest of the Hellions were put on trial by the Quiet Council. Despite the pleas of the Hellions and Nightcrawler, a terrified Peter was sentenced to exile within Krakoa. Just as he was about to be swallowed into the depths of the island, Nanny intervened, demanding to be exiled with him. The Council chose to grant her request, and the pair were swallowed by Krakoa.[18]


  • The Orphan-Maker has the emotional and intellectual level of a small child. After his resurrection in Arakko, his physique, personality, and powers have all matured (although currently without his X-gene activated due to the danger it possesses).[19]


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  • Nanny has stated that Orphan-Maker's power is world-ending, as no one on the planet would survive.[3] Even Professor Charles Xavier, who regards all mutations as gifts, has reluctantly admitted that he considers Orphan-Maker's power to be a "curse" that must not be shared with the world.[20]
  • His armor being breached by the Marauders caused him to begin spewing an unidentified caustic liquid that melted Scrambler's face.[21]



  • The Orphan-Maker wears an armored battle suit created by Nanny that affords him high resistance to physical damage, even including Cyclops' optic blasts.


  • The Orphan-Maker carries powerful automatic firearms.

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