Orpheus was an Ancient Greek hero endowed with superhuman musical skills. He was the son of King Oeagrus and Calliope of Thrace. Apollo gave Orpheus his first lyre. Orpheus's singing and playing were so beautiful that animals and even trees and rocks moved about him in dance.[1]

Quest for the Golden Fleece

Orpheus joined the expedition of the Argonauts on hunting the Golden Fleece.[2]

Journey to the Underworld

He later married Eurydice, but she was killed by a snakebite. Overcome with grief, Orpheus traveled to Hades, the Underworld itself to attempt to bring Eurydice back to life. With his singing and playing he charmed the ferryman Charon and the three headed dog Cerberus, guardians of the River Styx. His music and grief so moved Hades allowed to take Eurydice with him back to the world of life and light. Hades set one condition, however: upon leaving the land of death, both Orpheus and Eurydice were forbidden to look back. The couple climbed up toward the opening into the land of the living, and Orpheus, seeing the Sun again, turned back to share his delight with Eurydice in that moment, she disappeared.[1]


Orpheus was stated to be eloquent.[3]

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